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Australia & Ireland round up and a Pompey Show!

Andrew Silverwood

WOW! How did it get to April already?

Where have I been. Let me tell you.

I've been in Perth for 5 weeks, Adelaide for 4, Newcastle for a week and a weekend in Limerick with the award winning [Late Night] GameShow and my solo show Self Absorbed Tw*t.

Whilst I was there I got a load of reviews, including:

★★★★ "There's no such thing as boundaries with Andrew Silverwood" - Weekend Notes

★★★★ "Quick-wit, dripping sarcasm and self-deprecating jokes make for a solid hour of laughter" - Adelaidian

"A likeable, quick witted and cheeky young lad from London with some funny one-liners and a skill for improvisation" - The Advertisier

Oh and a video trailer from the Irish show is coming in the next couple of weeks, which is good, because I'll need that to start promoting my EDINBURGH FRINGE SHOW this August!

That's right. In August I'll be in Edinburgh at The Mockingbird Bar for The Free Fringe, which means you can see me for an ENTIRE MONTH in Scotland for whatever price you want.

But before that, I have shows lined up in Barnstaple, in Sevenoaks and NEXT THURSDAY I have a very special, one off, ten minute slot at Solent Comedy, in PORTSMOUTH, which is pretty much my only homecoming show I have booked this year.