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Self Absorbed Tw*t coming to Sweden

"He's just another self absorbed twat..

..Still, Silverwood is very charming" - Great Scott Media, 2016.

A show about giving people what they want. Based on a review in an online magazine and the general consensus of my ex girlfriends, it's time to look at who and what and why and if a leopard can ever really change his spots.

My first solo stand up comedy show, premiering at Gothenburg Fringe Festival this August.


18th August - 21:00

20th August - 22:15

at Frilagret, Göteborg, Sweden

Tickets on sale soon!

"Silverwood undeniably has a sharp wit and a quick repartee, delighting with some good one liners" - Adelaide Advertiser

"'Warmly witty and sharply barbed. An impressively unflappable performer" - Adelaide Theatre Guide

"Silverwood has a great talent in presenting a show in a loose way that makes it feel fresh and unique" - OutInPerth

"Silverwood’s storytelling is engaging to watch" - A Younger Theatre

"An energetic, funny and talented performance" - The Daily Fringe